Connecting topside and subsea installations to fixed, floating platforms and FPSOs

cable design and manufacture

Reliable subsea composite cable solutions are required worldwide to cross fjords and connect land, oil and gas installations and offshore wind farms. Cable Solutions provide topside and subsea composite cables, umbilicals and tethers for a wide range of offshore oil & gas, marine and renewable energy projects. Our composite cables connect multiple support elements of an offshore energy field, providing power, control and monitoring.

Cable Solutions focus on the highest standards in design, manufacture, quality assurance and testing to obtain the most suitable and robust hybrid composite cable for its intended topside or subsea application.

Our proven range of subsea umbilical designs, combined with our expertise and knowledge of critical internal components enables Cable Solutions to provide clients with bespoke solutions for individual project requirements. Our cables, umbilicals and tethers are designed to operate long-term in harsh and challenging environments.